Hon. Secretary's Desk


Shriman Dr. Ranjeet Hiralal Gandhi


In the view of changing educational patterns, every educational Institute should aim to develop its own teaching and Learning process/system. The British education system - Lord Macaulay Education System - that limits the literacy to clerical tasks is not good enough to withstand the global competition which the youth will be facing ahead in the career. This pattern does not make even a First class S.S.C. student capable of narrating a handful of specialties of his own town / state nor a Commerce Post Graduate capable of opening his own bank account. The same is true with the Technical or engineering students also. The current students are far away from the General Knowledge and General Awareness resulting into insensitivity towards social issues and moreover, making it difficult for the teachers and the counselors to even make them realize the same. This entire situation being thought over has aroused the need to revamp the Complete Education System in the country.

Apart from following the regular education pattern defined by the constitution, every educational institution has to implement the process of adapting and widening the modern learning methodologies. Year on Year, the students should develop interest in professional knowledge and be made professionally capable to ensure a strong foundation in the Society. The numerous incidents that happen at various levels of the demography - the Local, National and the Global, have an impact over the spread of education and knowledge. Understanding this impact and the problems involved in them is the learning process and finding solutions to these problems means developing, laboratories for research… ! Developing such laboratories where the future of kids, their upbringing, the strengths of youth and their development, directing them towards development and contribution to the society is being brain stormed as it is the need of the time.

The random discussions in a session would be nowhere with time. Therefore, it is necessary that any issue is scientifically researched and the findings and thoughts are articulated, recorded in for future revisits. Such thoughts are periodically - weekly, fortnightly monthly, quarterly or annually - being published and updated through repetition. Similar attempt is being thought of by Walchand Group of Educational Institutes and therefore, we are initiating a quarterly publication, on experimental grounds.

This publication will address the issues regarding India, the future of Indians, conveying that along with self interest, we care for the interest for the society and enjoy the obligation to fulfill our duties towards the society. We believe, this publication will be successful in conveying the message of our „Walchand Group of Educational Institutes‟.