Hon. Principal's Desk


Shri. R. S. Kale


I enthusiastically welcome you‟ll on the web portal of Gurukul, at this instance; may I have the opportunity to converse with you.

The function of a teacher in education may perhaps exceed the range from a window to the sky. The role of teacher cannot en-suite in a specific bracket. During the pledged educational discourse, the student life flourishes through multifaceted corridors / alleyways. Bearing in mind this intricate realistic outlook, the educationists have to follow the progression through appropriate approaches. As an educationist, we need to consider the example as; Abundant flowers blossom in a single field, but although when they are interlaced in a single garland, the distinctiveness of every single flower need to be upheld. In the similar manner every single student has his/her own uniqueness in terms of his/her personality, conduct and approach. With the diverse consequences of success and failures, we observe disparate competences of the students to assimilate the same.

Taking into account such disparities, we attempt for the accountability to recognize the vigor and limitations of the individual student, furthermore encourage in accordance to the diverse competencies thus assist harmonious development of all the potentialities of the individual student. While indicating Sun through a drawing, some transform paper into yellow-orange dots, some draw yellow coloured sphere/circle that appropriately emerge and exhibits as the scintillating lustrous Sun, where, I feel, that the teacher‟s position is supposed to be analogous to this art of transformation. Every child admitted to a school should be inculcated with such ethnicity that he/she should be transformed to a glittering and lustrous persona, as the Sun, into a radiating glittering character. This contemplation is superlative for us and we observe it as a statute for our conduct. At this juncture we ignite the lamp for serene educational aura, for the betterment of our nation.

Our school strives incessantly to execute diverse activities bearing in mind the student mindset. We attempt to engender potentially emerging; Writers, Philosophers, Scientists, Mathematicians, Lawyers, Soldiers, Police officials, Economists, Educationists, Historians, Geographers, Artists, Handicraft professionals, Musicians, Athletes/Sportsmen etc. In casting the same, we amalgamate disciplined approach with a compassionate advance. In the skies we observe assemblage of diverse clouds, where some include massive gallons of water and some are merely wholesome pallid sparkling, and some during the dusk demonstrate glittering golden edges. We encompass the intent to engender students as the convoy of citizen forces resembling these assorted clouds. We confirm our student force ought to be civilized, refined, cultured, educated & knowledgeable students to build competent and responsible citizens fulfilling social and national aspirations!