Primary Section: Marathi & Semi-English Medium

Highschool Section: Marathi & Semi-English Medium and Technical

HSC VOC. Section: Marathi Medium

For the above all sections , State syllabus is implemented.

Subjectwise Activities:

  • Marathi

  • Hindi / Sanskrit

  • English

  • Maths

  • Science

  • Social Science

  • Physical Education

  • Music

  • Drawing and Craft

  • Scout and Guide

  • Vocational Guidance

  • RSP

  • IT and ICT

  • Technical Section

  • Personality Development

In the year 2014- 15 Guides have acquired General Championship at District level at Vairag.

Parent Teachers Association:

Parents co-operation plays an important role in the alround growth of the pupil. Accordingly the Parent Teachers Association ( PTA) is working in the school. Everyyear, in each term for the each class PTA conducts meetings. During this tenure principal guides and gives information to all regarding the activities to be implemented in the school for the proper growth of the students . All the parents and teachers takes active participation in the discussion

The PTA always extends the helping hand towards the co-curricular and extra curricular activities in the school.

Guidelines to Students / Parents:

  • The first bell before class is a signal for all to go to the Assembly in proper order.

  • Students should be in school five minutes before the first bell. Those who are late will not be permitted to enter the campus.

  • After assembly they should go to their class rooms, do the prayer, get their books ready in silence and prepare for the beginning of class. Perfect silence should be maintained all through the classes.

  • When there is no general assembly on the ground, Morning prayers will be done through the Public Address System, during which every one should stand wherever he / she is and join in the prayer.

  • All should arrive in line. Those who are late or remain absent must obtain an admit card from the Principal or Teacher-in-charge before going to class.

  • Students will not be allowed to go home during class time.

  • During school hours, the student‟s behavior must be gentle in all scenes. Loud whistling and shouting is not allowed in the school premises.

  • Student must not scratch or spoil school furniture, write on the walls or cause any damage to school property. Any damage done or noticed should be reported to the Principal or class teacher.

  • The school is not responsible for the goods lost. It is advisable not to bring valuable articles to school.

  • Students are not allowed to bring razor - blades or any sharp instruments to the school.

  • Students of one class / section are not allowed to be in other class / section even during the interval.

  • Playing in the classroom or in the verandah is not allowed.

  • During the games period or in the interval time students must go in line from the classes to the playground and after the interval also must come in line to the class room without making noise.

  • Students are advised to speak in English in the school premises.

  • On their way to and from school students must behave in a gentlemanly way. They must remember that the school is judged by their conduct. Proper conduct should be maintained in the bus.

  • Students are expected to take active part in the co-curricular activities like games, sports, educational tours, and picnics etc, arranged by the school.

  • The school authorities reserve the right to suspend or dismiss a student at any time, when for good reasons, concerning the validity of which the Principal is the judge.

  • Conveyence (Bicycle) - The students who are in Std. VIII and above are permitted to bring bicycle to the school and no one is permitted to bring motor cycle (two wheeler or four wheeler ) to the school which needs a driving license.

  • Ornaments / Mobile Phones / Camera are not allowed - The students are not allowed to wear valuable ornaments including wrist watches, gold ear rings, rings, bangles, bracelets, chain etc. in the school for safety reasons. The girls are allowed to use only white / black hair band in the school. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school or any other electronic device.

  • Identity Card and School Diary - The Identity Card and School Diary will be available through the class teachers soon after reopening. All the details regarding leave, communication between school and home, School Calendar and fee structure etc. are available in the school diary.